Monday, 11 April 2011

xkcd (volume 0)

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Randall Munroe

If you're not aware of the webcomic and geek phenomenon that is xkcd then I envy you.  Honestly, it would be lovely to have not seen it and have hours and hours of guiltily geeky sniggering ahead of me.

And now Randall Munroe has taken the plunge into real life and collated his favourite strips in a book.  The aptly named volume 0 (programmers usually start counting from zero) is very possibly the funniest science based comic book ever produced.  If you're into physics, maths, humans, hacking, ferrets, sunsets or getting dumped by people who just don't get the importance of a proper zombie plan, then there's something here for you.  It's very educational too - whether it's COBEs astounding confirmation of theory or pseudoforces in rotating reference frames, you'll laugh, you'll giggle, and you'll look something up on Wikipedia.

Bonus time!  The book is published by Breadpig, an "uncorporation" who channel their profits into individuals and organisations who "make the world less sucky".  xkcd's profits go to Room To Read, who build schools and fund literacy projects in Laos, Sri Lanka, Nepal and India amongst others.

You can buy it directly from the xkcd store, or from books'n'mortar bookshops.

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